On the Banks of the Ohio

Things that go good together….I was on my way south some 10 years ago, passing over the Ohio and through Louisville to parts warmer but was compelled to explore the water front. I thought this street lamp went well with the setting sun and bridge.


Just beyond those distant bridges are the Falls of the Ohio. I love and live for water. If you do too try and catch the falls in the spring. Woof. The Falls of the Ohio scare the shite out of me.  Powerful, thrilling stuff.

Interesting factoid, Louisville is a hub for UPS and FEDEX and so, here in the limestone farm fields of middle America, a thousand miles from any sea, you can get exquisitely fresh seafood, even raw bars with your choice of fresh oysters, fresh oysters from all over America, the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic, tasty in their varieties. Fascinating town is our Louisville.

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