Controlled Burn, Apalachicola Bay


Near Apalachicola, Florida

10 thoughts on “Controlled Burn, Apalachicola Bay

    • Ah, thank you. That means a lot coming from your eye. The entire 7 weeks we were down in the Florida panhandle they were doing controlled burns. Things grow quickly in Florida and the countryside becomes overgrown and impassable quickly. The state has funding for doing these burns. Work crews would burn in the State Forest one day, the next week they were burning all the little grass islands in the river, the week after they were burning the undergrowth on the State Parks on St. George Island and Cape San Blas. If you were a home owner with land you could contact them to burn the growth on your land.

      Like you, I have the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet. It was unusually warm during our stay this winter and THAT made it quite enjoyable with warm, sunny, very pleasant days that we enjoyed but all the while in the distance a cloud of burning doom awaited. Whether it was global warning awaiting…or all the work we left behind in Michigan I’ll never know.

      • Curiously it seems it was quite a warm season in your whole country. I just hope its just something usual.

        Thank you for the compliments, Kim, and for the inside, I always discover your marvel country in a very human way and makes me love it so much. Missing you a lot, and happy to see you.

      • Chicago is on the other side, at the south end of Lake Michigan. For the first time in 146 years, since they began keeping track of such things, there has been no measurable snow in January AND February this year, 2017. Weird. I love Chicago but their winters are brutal, but this year, as in most of USA, it was mild.

      • Here the summer has been normal fortunately. Not cold, with the expected temperatures, and fortunately for the countryside a normal amount of rains. But yes, reading some blogs in the Northern Hemisphere it seems the winter was mild. Time will tell, wishing it’s just a particular year as any change although natural tend to be a human disaster.

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