A Ballet of Life


I love blogs of place, or blogs of a life’s passion. When I browse blogs I want to see your world and how you live in it.

I clicked on A Ballet of Life, because after a life in the performing arts I find that no one works harder than a dancer. There is nothing so graceful as a trained dancer. I have a great deal of respect for the massive self-discipline that fuels their careers. They live on a point of ethereal beauty that masks a reality of  strained muscles, torn ligaments, stress fractures, and sweat. They have years of preparation in method and strength training. They all carry enormous self and body-control, which won’t get them cast unless that brilliance of body control also comes with the ability to shape the space they are moving through while filling their bodies with energy and light. They must have a highly disciplined body so that the story-telling of their imagination can flow freely from their mind out to their audience.


The link to A Ballet for Life, Harriet’s world and passion, is here: Harriet’s Ballet Blog

As I sit here listening to the un-nerving sporadic sound of a dying hard drive and wondering where in the world I am going to get the funds for a new ‘used’ computer, I realize I am dancing with entropy.  This is the opening quote from Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather:

Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree. There is the constant desire to find out where – where is the point where it all began. But much, much later than that the Discworld was formed. Drifting onwards through space…atop four elephants on the shell of a giant turtle, the great A’Tuin. It was some time after its creation when most people forgot that the very oldest stories of the beginning are sooner or later about blood. At least that’s one theory.

The philosopher Didactylos suggested an alternative hypothesis: ‘Things just happen, what the hell’.

Things just happen, what the hell. Harriet, I’ll never get to your online blog-world quote challenge as I am still struggling with time consuming real-life challenges. I hope you like the Terry Pratchett quote and hope this link sends some traffic your way!


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