Paths of Winter


Winter is not a season,
it’s an occupation. 
~Sinclair Lewis

Winter is the path before us now, it stretches  past the bitter, growing ice mountains of January right through the impatient boredom of February then trudges on into the out right cabin fever of March. Winter marches on. Winter is relentless.

Winter is also diffident with a nacreous, quiet beauty that sits a peaceful counter to summer’s effulgent bravado. The very air about us is opalescent with ice crystals that shine back in pastel rainbow colors and our paths turn pearly lilac in the dusk.

It does have it’s wonders, this Winter.

Sinclair Lewis had it nailed.

Their Path

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10 thoughts on “Paths of Winter

    1. I love Winter, for some reason it no longer loves me back. Ice has become my nemesis. Go figure!
      Enjoy your Winter and may you have a blessed New Year!

  1. Here’s to the New Year… And all the promises And hopes it brings! As you sip your wine Celebrating the New Year Hope each day brings you Showers of joy and surprises! Happy New Year!

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