The Peace of Music

The Peace of Music

I have been deeply and profoundly affected by recent turmoil in the United States over racism, misogyny, hate, disinformation, extreme greed and now cyber invasion. How do I sleep at night? I find comfort in music.

This is the Grand Rapids Choir of Boys and Men. It is an outstanding group unique to West Michigan. Music can make the pain stop, it can lift you up out of yourself. These men and boys make a heavenly sound. For this concert they had a guest conductor from England, there is more info on that in their link. I believe they will play once more at St. Andrews this week, and during Christmas week they will be here at St. Paul’s Episcopalian in Muskegon.

And as for unique to West Michigan, how about that stunning Cathedral and it’s superior acoustics?!

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:

More on The Grand Rapids Choir of Men And Boys an old neighbor of mine used to be their director. I’m sorry I did not get to hear them under his direction. At the time I was suffering from those pesky slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I am blessed to  have seen them the past three years and am delighted that a new friend has sons in this excellent group.

Wiki on St. Andrews

6 thoughts on “The Peace of Music

  1. I so like it that you have a wide range of interests on your blog! 🙂 Life is horrible right now with hate and violence seemingly everywhere – where is Christmas -peace on earth, huh? Thanks for post.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to seek out some Christmas music to lift me out of the current events blues! (Yes, that cathedral’s clean arched ceiling must carry the sound beautifully.)

    • YW…The acoustics in the Cathedral are exemplary. I loved the sound of the choir in that space so much that an 18 and 19 year old from our extended family caught my enthusiasm. They were curious about both the choir, (there is no sound quite like a boys choir), and the Cathedral, so we went again to tonight’s concert and took them along. They were impressed. We, spouse and I, are blessed with such above average young children, HAH, young WOMEN in our family. It was a lovely winter evening ending with excellent lattes in a hip, cozy, little neighborhood coffee shop. Driving back to the Lake Shore with the snow and all the Christmas lights made a nice little encore to the evening.

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