Random Happy


In a crowded store bereft of price tags, correct sizes and sales help I stumbled upon random happiness. It’s out there if we will see it and it’s good.

5 thoughts on “Random Happy

    • Truly, I did NOT set it up. I was having a difficult to unpleasant time Christmas shopping and was on the verge of a holiday snit when these two sisters came giggling by. Same planet, different world. They had just seen the store Santa and had their pictures taken with him, hence the matching dresses. I’ll bet it was for their family Christmas cards. I got their mom’s permission and swung the camera up for 3 quick shots and then they were gone, romping like puppies. They made me so happy I did not care that I left empty handed.

      (I should explain I like to shoot street so I was ready for this type of guerrilla photography. I always ask permission if it is children.)

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