The Witch of November

We get wicked gales in the fall. The early September gales can carry water spouts formed over a still warm Lake Michigan. We usually have one or two in October that carve the beach and strip the fall leaves but this year, due to the warmest summer and fall on record, the gales were late, not arriving til November 19.


When the waves hit the light they erupted  into myriad twisting torrents that hung in the air until the winds carried them off. It was mesmerizing. It was cold.

For you photographers; technically, I do not own a gale proof tripod. I’m not sure if there is one. The winds play havoc with your zoom while driving ice and sand in your gear. I was jammed up against a fence which steadied me somewhat but it’s a gale, the fence did shudder and I still got blown backwards a few times. Reducing my profile was not an option. The heartbreak? You’ve done it too, camera 101, check your settings. I was under the weather (actually had someone else drive me down to the beach) and I forgot to check ALL settings. The ISO was set at 1000 because the last time I used that body I had been playing with night shots. Yes. I really cannot enlarge and print any of these. They are well focused but the grain is quite painful. I did not waste bandwidth on a high res picture today.

Anyway it was still fabulous, those spiraling, dancing tornadoes of water spinning off the light were pretty epic. You loose your sense of self when shooting something this magical.

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17 thoughts on “The Witch of November

  1. The light is so intense, Kim. So lovely to see your views of that wonderful place that I see now like a home from far away. Hoping everything is better and well dear friend. Take care so much.

    • Thank you! I’m pretty sure you could work magic with our light too. I keep mentioning Art Prize because it is an ‘International’ competition. I should think you could apply for/compete for the funding/grants that would allow you to come visit and show your homeland through your works as well as bring a fresh set of eyes to our people and countryside.

      • Thank you for mentioning it, Kim. I searched for it and it really is quite important. I don’t think in contests but if you believe in me I’ll do my best. ^_^

    • From your mouth to God’s ear. I am multiple morbidity. There are days I do not walk well or see well BUT life is a feast. I won’t wait for someone to bring me crumbs, I’m going to go out and grab it. 😀
      Thank You and blessings!

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