Happy Halloween!

It had been years but I was nostalgic for the sent of warm pumpkin flesh and so I was finishing the touches on this as the first Trick or Treaters were ringing the bell.


The kids are long gone but I love that smell of candle burnt Jack O Lantern. He’s still burning as I write. I hope you had a great Halloween!


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

    • ❤ adorable gif!

      I am curious how this holiday goes in the UK. I had assumed it was more of a Scots/Irish thing. Next year I'll do a post for all international bloggers who do not understand our pumpkin mania.

      • We do observe Halloween but it is perhaps not so popular as in the US and pumpkins not so commonplace.

        Halloween is rather overshadowed by 5th November/ Guy Fawkes Night/ Fireworks Night / Bonfire Night. Traditionally we would celebrate preventing Guido Fawkes from blowing up parliament in 1605 by burning his effigy and letting of fireworks. These days it is mostly an excuse for eating, drinking and firework displays. 🙂

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