“The Garbage Reached Across The State”

“But Children, remember Sarah Stout and always take the garbage out.” *


It was a glorious, chill fall day. We set off for a nice long walk on the beach and I got some fabulous fall color shots…and then I stumbled upon this. I’m still processing this.

The shores of Lake Michigan are dynamic, always changing with weather and water levels. I am guessing the last time the waters were this high, 1986, someone threw together a homemade seawall to prevent further erosion. Unfortunately the materials used weren’t legal.

Shoot forward 30 years, the beach had built back up for decades but now the water is high again. Even as our city beach, to the north of this place, was eroding away, we were stymied by the appearance of tires washed up on our beaches all summer long. My spouse and I have picked up 7 or 8 tires over the course of the summer. We’d have a gale, or a fun day where the surf was up over 10 feet, and then the following day these tires would appear. We pondered, we asked each other, did they fall off a passing barge? Did they come across from Wisconsin? Why so many?! Is someone sneaking down to the beach at night and dumping them? It was an anomaly in the usual flow of beach trash and I spent a lot of time thinking on it this summer.

It is difficult to dig these tires out of the sand and roll them up to the road so the city can take them to the dump. As a matter of fact, at the close of one day I was struggling up the dune with the latest tire hoping to catch the city workers as they emptied the garbage cans by the road. The guy on duty was as mystified as I for earlier that day he and his crew had picked up SEVEN tires at dog beach.

As I said I’m processing this. I posted a vid of it on FB to notify my neighbors, some of whom have been picking up tires too. Two years ago I posted vids of construction garbage that had been dumped on our local beaches, bricks, nails, concrete, broken plate glass, ceramics etc. It stirred up a lot of trouble but after the hoopla settled the garbage was picked up. This too is going to blow up. I don’t want to make trouble I just want the responsible parties to pick up their friggin’ garbage.

In explaining to others where I found this pile I looked at satellite photos of the area and noticed another suspect mound. I’m tired, it’s difficult for me to get to this garbage, I really need to focus my energy on ensuring a safe election for all but the longer I sit the angrier I get. Just pick up your flipping garbage and stop throwing it in my back yard.

* Shel Silverstein’s Sarah Cynthia Stout

10 thoughts on ““The Garbage Reached Across The State”

    • Thank you. It is likely to be the property owners, from a web page I found the cabins look to have been put there in the seventies but I have more stuff to look into.

    • Boy, you got that right. It is in a place most people don’t get to. Looking at satellite photos I suspect another tire dump just south. The water is getting colder and the gales of November are gonna spread this further than ever.

      • I hope that every time persons have a better sense of care of environment, near It’s such a pain to see the lake Titicaca (supposed to be the most sacred from thousands of years ago) contaminated without laws to protect it or persons interested in care it so I understand the way you feel respect that.

      • Exactly! Your home and people polluting it. I cannot understand people wanting to move to Lake Michigan, buy lake front property and then trash it like a garbage dump.

        When I was young and lived in Colorado I saw the same thing; my beloved mountains, people coming up for the weekend and leaving behind piles of garbage after they had enjoyed their sojourn with nature.

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