The Joy of Water

One fifth of the World’s fresh surface water lies in the Great Lakes. I cannot think of a finer place for it. A week ago I helped deliver a boat from Chicago to Muskegon, covering 110 miles of open water in 20 hours. I’ve seen a lot of Chicago this summer and these shots were taken at the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Chicago pumps it’s water from Lake Michigan and at this fountain it is pumped back out so that children can play in it.


It is a delight to watch the families play in these fountains on a warm summer’s afternoon. The ‘faces’ spit water at timed intervals and children eagerly await the blessing:


Do you remember the childhood joy of playing in puddles? Wading along the beach? Looking for frogs in ponds? Just observing the water? I caught these two brothers closely inspecting the reflecting pool but when the monolithic fountains at either end started up they ran for the ‘blessing’ of flowing water.


I hope this stirs happy memories of your childhood. Here’s to the joy of H2O!


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20 thoughts on “The Joy of Water

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Our politics are a little weird and scary right now so instead of waves crashing over lighthouses, which is done to cliche here in West Michigan, I went with pure abandonment and joy.

    1. The faces change, they go from a relaxed neutral face to a smile and then they pucker up like they are going to drink a coke through a straw and THAT is when the water flows. They are some kinda awesome public art. 🙂

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the photos.You have definitely aced the prompt by sharing beautiful and refreshing photos!t brings back so many good memories from my childhood.

  2. This made me smile, reminded me of Millenium Park in summer, the beauty and fun of Chicago and also the nearby Art Institute. I bet Cubs fans jumped in to celebrate with the kids – that is, if the water flows in autumn too? maybe not 🙂

    1. Oh how badly I wanted to drive to Chicago for the party today but I have Chicagoan friends posting updates. I had to stay here as I will be actively volunteering to ensure all voices are safely heard on election day.

    1. I deeply respect your opinion as a fellow photographer/observer of life so thank you for your kind words. They make me so happy.

      I observe a scene before I shoot, looking for that POV that no one else is shooting, waiting on changing light and often waiting for people to walk into a scene or to interact with the art or with each other. I aim for finding the joy in a scene. Thank you!

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    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

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