Wednesday Race Report

“That guy’s going to mess with you.”

I said that to Van as I was looking aft. I had been chillin’ on the rail, scanning ahead and to the sides for wind when I heard swearing and a rather salty exchange of words behind us. Two boats, unknown to me, full of younger sailors were having it out. It is fair game to cover a competitor and mess with his wind supply but it is usually done within a racing division, I mean, why waste energy screwing someone else over when you are not racing against them and you have more important things you need to do in the race you are running, which was the heated and colorful point of the guy in the smaller boat.

The guy in the bigger boat, let’s call him Dick, wasn’t in our division either and had set his sites on our boat next. This young turk was so sure he could take us out.

I gotta tell you Van, he’ll be 78 in October and has spent most of those years racing sailboats, is so calm and competent there’s not a boat in the fleet that wouldn’t take him as their helm, Van was wearing what my old man called a sh*t-eating grin as it became a game of cat and mouse tactics. It was not Van’s first race. In the end Van smoked the other guy, Dick.

Life is good!

(And wasn’t that a big ole CF* on the third start. I am so glad I was not driving…and I am so glad I was there to see it and be in the middle of it trimming sail. 😀 )

*CF – WWII Military Term

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Race Report

    1. Thank you! Today is a momentous day as it is race night and it will be the last of the season for both of us, we race on separate boats. More importantly it is Survey Day; we made a bid on a hole in the water, yes our very own used money pit, a very comfortable Hunter 33 1988. The bid was accepted, IF the survey shows problems we can fix ourselves we will buy.

      I’m scared, I’m excited, which is pretty much how it feels half the time I’m racing.

      1. Thrilling indeed. been out in a couple of Hunters and like them a lot. Let’s hope the problems are few — too much to hope that there won’t be any! At any rate, that’s half the fun.

      2. Three minutes in the Surveyor found deck delimitation on the starboard side starting by the wall between the cabin and cockpit and running forward to the bow. It was also beginning on the port side.
        The friend we crossed Lake Michigan (Chicago to Muskegon) with in a crazy 20 hour delivery says there’s a nice Islander 30 on the other side of Lake Muskegon we should see.

        We made good…the Surveyor said “You want me to continue?” We said, no. All in all we are out of time and $50 bucks. We were a bit sad but philosophical. Aging bones ache so we took that earmarked winter storage money and are having a gas fireplace log put in the upstairs fireplace next Tuesday. One of us has come up with asthma and I miss those late fall and winter fires with morning coffee. It’s all good.

      3. Pity, but it was not ‘meant’.
        Asthma is a nuisance. Had it all my life, but fortunately modern ‘chronic’ treatments keep it under almost total control.

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