Disgruntlement in the Dunes

GAH! Cats all up in my frying pan.

That’s not a euphemism for anything and I’ve locked the little pecker-heads in the basement.

It could be worse. I had a rescue from the mean streets of Saginaw. Marsallis would wait until we turned our backs then jump up on the stove, stick his head in the pan while the fire was up and the bacon sizzling and then he’d make off straight to the tub with his kitty booty.

R.I.P., Marsallis. He died of natural causes. No, seriously.  He did.

6 thoughts on “Disgruntlement in the Dunes

    • Maybe, 🙂 He’s complex.He follows me everywhere, I’ll turn and see him and he is so cool, so casual, “Oh, hi, I was just, you know coming over to ah, *stretch* look at these books, yeah, these books. Do you, ah, like books?”

      The judge thing? He’s assertive. His first night home we had a roast chicken on the counter and he hopped up on top of it and was going to fight me for it. He was accustomed to fighting for his food and turf and assumed he had to fight me for his food. It took him several months to realize fighting me for my pillow, which he decided must be the choice spot in our territory, was not a good thing. Honest, I’d get up in the middle of the night, visit the bathroom, come back and find a suddenly aggressive cat on my pillow saying, “YOU got up, hisssssss, it’s mine now! hisssss” I put a lot of kindness in his lessons. He got carried by his scruff to the basement while I was laughing quite frequently his first year. He’s smart. He watched the other cat get lovings, he wanted that and adjusted his behavior.

      I suspect he was abused and expected abuse and was surprised when it didn’t come. He probably assumed the judge was going to smack him. It was a strange first month and a rough first year for him but he is the perfect loving cat now…except when it comes to food. Man he and his son BOTH were in the frying pan tonight.

    • Thank you. Marsallis was with us for such a short while but Wynton, black and white, adored him and was so upset when he passed from heart and lung problems that we had to go out and get another cat. And THAT is when complicated Boris then came into our lives.

      The more I read other blogs I know how lucky we are that we can afford pets here. I understand many people in many countries just can’t afford the extravagant expense/frivolity of a pet and in some places, Japan, space is a premium and pets come only at great expense. I am grateful for my companions.

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