Majic, On The Rail

This is the hard-working, dedicated crew of Majic. She always wins and she’s so pretty we don’t mind…most of the time. It’s a funny thing, this envy/pride. She kicks our asses, but, dam, she is OUR home based ass-kicker. We are all proud of her when she goes out to represent MYC on the national scene. The Chicago-Mac race is international level stuff and she took 3rd this year. No mean feat, that.


These are twitchy boats and weight placement is important. When the boat ‘heels’ you need all the weight on the top rail to keep her from tipping over. Unless you are the one at helm after you do your assigned job you get your butt to the rail and become ballast/counter weight.


The sailing sport is a ‘salty’ one in that we have great names for this sitting on the edge; ‘rail-meat’ or ‘rail-b*tches’. Everyone on this boat and in this picture is a superb sailor. You don’t get on a boat of this class without knowing your stuff. Sitting on the low side rail in a low wind race night can be tedious, sitting on the high side when the winds are up is why we sail. It takes your breath away.

Majic is a Sydny 41 and her captain is William Hoyer.

Majic On FB

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14 thoughts on “Majic, On The Rail

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  2. Don’t scream – I have never been on a sailboat, ever, so reading your blog is a whole new world to me. This sitting on the rail business looks really tricky, but the folks in your photos seem to know what they’re doing.

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