Perpetual Benediction

“Upon a crystal river of light.”


Autumn is spectacular in Michigan, it is a balm for the soul when our short summers close. This is up on Hart Lake, in the town of Hart which sits at the northern end of the Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail. If you like the slow life of a small town this may be the one for you.

More mirrors if you click here.

15 thoughts on “Perpetual Benediction

    • Indeed. I am not sure about the colors of seasonal changes in Florida. I do know I once toured with an Off-Broadway show through-out Florida for over two months one fall. The weather and sun were so pleasant I did not miss my pumpkins, mums and brilliant maples too much.

      • We have very little of the ‘fall glory’ as we have so many evergreens. I miss it sometimes and get my ‘fix’ from short trips up north or from glorious photos, like yours, by blogging friends 🙂 Off-Broadway show, wow! Do you act or sing, or both?

      • I use to do both but was on that trip as a musician. Life altering events happen and you adjust to your new ‘set of abilities’. No longer able to perform I returned to photography as a much needed creative outlet.

        I really need to take up writing again too.

    • It is and thank you. I used to live in a different mid-western state where fall was all of a one week affair and don’t blink. Up here previews begin in late August with a blush of gold there and a burst of crimson in a low swampy area. September is lush and full of crisp air, apples, festivals and pumpkins. October knocks your socks off. Here in the Dunes fall color, aided by lake effect, stubbornly clings here and there well into November. Aaaand then it’s gray skies but oh what a ride!

    • There is a lake, Crystal Lake, up near Point Betsie, Beulah and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore. When I go there I am undone. I launch the boat but all I can do is stare at the water and ‘be’. I have had serious sea kayaking friends tell me the same thing happens to them, you put the paddle down and stare.

      Your boat and gear comes out of that lake smelling like fresh heaven, without all the chemical undertones of febreeze or laundry soap. It’s like hanging laundry to dry in the rockies; the scent is the real deal.

    • Thank you, in about three weeks we will have color like this again. Already the leaves are turning. Is fall this lovely in Germany or in Brasil? I do not know and have not seen photos of fall in either place.

      • In Germany is also very nice, but in Brasil its even hard to notice its fall, the weather is either too hot or too cold and seasons usually look all the same… I am looking forwards to seeing more photos soon!

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