Port Washington

Port Washington, Wisconsin South Pier Head Light, seen from under the singularly designed North Pier Head Light:

IMG_3544 Frame

Two weeks ago we raced across Lake Michigan from Muskegon, Michigan to Port Washington, Wisconsin as part of the 30th Annual Clipper Cup Race, a distance of 66.9 miles. It is a lovely port and their North Pier Head Light is, I believe, the only Art Deco style lighthouse on Lake Michigan.


Just as on our side of Lake Michigan pier walking to enjoy the sunset from a lighthouse is a popular pastime for tourists and locals.

Lighthouse Friends of Port Washington Pier Head Light

More “Frame”

16 thoughts on “Port Washington

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  3. I went through your blog posts all the way back from like 2014. I’ve seen that you posted so much on lighthouses. I understand why. Lighthouses have that imposing presence, and plus, you take really good pictures of them. 😉

    • Thank you! I love being at sea or near the sea whether fresh water or salted. I love the history of lighthouses. I am a volunteer keeper. I spend a lot of time keeping, caring for and sharing info about our lights here in West Michigan. If I get my own sailboat time in towers will be cut short as I’ll have to care for the boat and pass my keeping on to the next generation. 🙂

    • I have not worked as a ‘keeper’ in the old style sense of the word, only in the new-fangled preserve our maritime history sense. I sometimes get to stay at the lighthouses and this is my favorite. I should keep a running diary of present day ‘docent’ duty for those who wish to volunteer and live at a light. It’s still ridiculously difficult work but of a totally different kind.

      You want a good read about lighthouse keeping…there is this excerpt. I immediately went to Amazon but it wasn’t there. I must own this. Pretty riveting stuff for lighthouse lovers and others who like to live on the edges of things.


    • From your mouth to God’s Ear! 🙂

      I was just looking at the cover of The Time Traveler’s Wife and some covers are really great and capture the mood of the book, an art form in itself.

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