Ice-Water Mansion

Miner’s Ledge, Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior

IMG_1025 Frame Miner's Ledge copy

The cold crystal waters of Superior framed by the north woods. I love the Great Lakes and had the pleasure to paddle Superior’s Painted Rocks and camp on Grand Island before the rash of tourist attractions detracted from it’s beauty. It was calm on this day.

Ice-Water mansion? From Gordon Lightfoot’s song, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I love my Lakes but they will rise up and take you, leaving nothing but memories for your loved ones.

Edit: Below is a link to a tribute to Captain McSorely and his crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald. It makes grown men cry and fills you with respect for the power of Superior and the seamen who work on her:

The Edmund Fitzgerald

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18 thoughts on “Ice-Water Mansion

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  3. I went to services at Mariners Church in Detroit last November. “in a musty old hall in De-troy-it they prayed” It’s really a very beautiful church and not musty at all. Poetic license!

    • I’d like to go there. I have been to and kayaked Whitefish Point/Bay. I’ve been up in the lighthouse, and it is the White Fish Point Lighthouse, in the video. They have the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald on display in the museum there. I was surprised, they brought it up after they found her.

      I’m going to plug the U.P. now, White Fish Point/Bay is awesome. Be sure to have fried white fish…fresh off the boats..soooo good. I always think I’ll go in the fall when they have all the migrating birds but I’m always tied up in art functions in the fall.

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