Ballet In The Air

I am late with last week’s challenge. I didn’t know whether to go with Monarch Butterflies or with bees. They are Earth’s delight and we are killing them in my life time. I spent a sun filled fall day chasing the last few around our asters last fall. I can grow anything but my milkweed patch died.

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22 thoughts on “Ballet In The Air

    1. Thank you, they migrate along the shores of Lake Michigan. You can see them resting on the water… used to be able to see them resting…I used to see so many of them along the beach and when out on Lake Michigan in my kayak. I planted native wildflower, New England Aster, in my front gardens and you see them come at the end of day; exhausted Monarchs who bed down in my asters (hanging upside down) and they are gone with the sunrise. It also happens that I will get exhausted humming birds…sleeping on stuff on my gardens, and then they are gone on their journey.

      There are so few Monarchs left.

    1. It was time consuming, yet delightful, I’m sure the neighbors thought me odd but they are used to it now. I have given away so many clumps of that New England aster as they provide respite for our migrational ‘flowers’.

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