The Final Race

The man at the helm is the owner of Chicken Soup, a sweet, fleet Lindenberg 26. The race is the 9th Annual Harbor Hospice Regatta at Muskegon Yacht Club the first Saturday of August. More On Race Here . WP Fun 2016 MYC Harbor Hospice Chicken Soup

This was Dr. Kantor’s final official race and he went out all joy and love of the sport. Here’s to you, Mort, we owe you so much, Thank You!




17 thoughts on “The Final Race

    • Ah, Chicken Soup, it is good for your health and good for your soul.
      He LOVES that boat. I’ve had some great times on that little yellow boat and I’ve learned a lot about sailing there. I’m sorry to see him retire. I hope someone buys and repairs that boat. It’s won a lot of things but the design is considered old school.

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    • Ah, but the sad truth is our winters are quite gray. Michigan people are very active in their winter sports from ice fishing, ice boat sailing, skiing, snowmobiling, luging, ice skating, snow-shoeing is getting real popular, etc. etc. etc. It snows everyday where I am and the winter temps are moderate…but…the sun never shines.

      That said, I do not think of England but I think of English gardens…all that rain does a flower good!

    • Thank you. I learned a lot about sailing on that boat and I’m going to print two large canvas wraps for some people on it as gifts. This picture makes me happy and hope it does the same for others. 🙂

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