A Summer Place

Wabaningo Post Office

The slap of screen doors and the smell of lake; Michigan is full of such magical summer places and Wabaningo Post Office is one of the more evocative places. It stands on a sandy spit of land between White Lake and Lake Michigan and is accessed by boat or car or, more often, by sandaled feet.

Below; Postmaster Sharon Wendall stands on the porch of the Wabaningo Post Office.

DSC_0136 2016 Aug Wabaningo Post Office WP

The post office is part of the Sylvan Beach Association and the position of postmaster is a job share, with 2 people trained by the U.S.P.S. but paid by the Association. It is open during the height of summer season from June 15th through September 15th and provides many services to the seasonal cottage owners.

Below, a notice for a pot luck supper is posted on the side of the building, and, on the right is the flower box that Postmaster Wendall cares for when she is on duty every other week.

Wabaningo Post Office was established in 1897 and the story is it is named after a local Ottawa chief. It serves multiple functions; part keeper of Sylvan records and history, meeting place, notice board, and lending library amongst others.

Bellow; the lending library and closeup of the letter boxes which are rented for 29$ a season.


The Postmaster on duty for the week picks up the mail in Montague, on the North side of White Lake, carries it to Wabaningo and sorts it there. Even heavier packages from Amazon are toted out to the small one room station. At the end of the day the Postmaster drops off outgoing mail at the Post Office on the South side of the lake in Whitehall. With multiple views of White Lake and a cool breeze I’m told that in spite of any heavy lifting the job is quite blissful and serene.

Along the White Lake wall of the office there is a display of every association president since Sylvan Beach’s inception in 1897.

Below is a closeup of the first two Presidents.

IMG_3060 2016 Aug Wabaningo Post Office WP

One can peruse message boards, look through a photograph album of past association barbecues and parties, or pick up flyers on everything from fishing to local museums:

IMG_3066 2016 Aug Wabaningo Post Office WP


This lovely post office is on the road that leads out to the White River Light Station and if you are lucky you can stop in, pickup some flyers, stamps or send a letter from one of the more unique places in West Michigan, Wabaningo Post Office Station 49463.


DSC_0130 2016 Aug Wabaningo PO Interior

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