Beautiful Rain

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A narrow band of rain in silhouette at days end.
Taken July 30th at Kruse Park, Muskegon

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10 thoughts on “Beautiful Rain

  1. Wow, this is marvellous picture. I remember once, I was sitting on the beach and watching something similar but with 4 narrow lines of tornados. It was a bit scary… But fortunately they didn’t reach our banks.

    • Sounds scary. We get water spouts/tornados coming across Lake Michigan usually in September when the Lake is still summer warm and colder air blows across it. I saw one last year…I did not bring my telephoto lens to the beach that day or I’d have a nice shot.

      • When I’ve been to Wisconsin there was a tornado warning. It was a bit exiting for us foreigners, cos we never experienced something like this before, but Americans were so scared and we could’t understand why… That time we didn’t see tornado itself, but after there was a heavy rain for three days so it was impossible to go out.

      • The damage from a tornado can be quite bad and the larger ones can destroy an entire town.
        Wisconsin is across Lake Michigan from where I live. I just sailed across it in a race last weekend. It’s a lovely state.

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