Cherry On Top


DSC_0035 Cherry On Top WP

Our club had a race from our pier head in Muskegon up to the pier head in White Lake today. A lot of the more serious sailors/partiers are either involved in or attending festivities related to the more august, widely known and much larger Chicago – Mackinaw Race. Today’s race was more “I have a boat, you have a boat, let’s grab the kids and race 12 miles up the coast.”
Our boat was a 43 foot Irwin. Today’s winds varied from 0.0 knots to one gust of 5 knots. We hovered around 2.2 most of the day. That, and the heat, was mildly frustrating but we had a good time anyway. Being sailors we brought a lot of food and snacks to fuel the race and a lot of beer and wine for the motoring back.

No wind. After two hours we broke into the wine. We spit the pits of our Michigan sweet cherries over the rail, drank wine and took turns napping. I played with my food. We thought often of the sailors in that other race dealing with the same conditions. I’m pretty sure they were not drinking white wine and spitting cherry pits.

DSC_0031 Cherry On Top WP

Life is good.



Life is the Cherries

17 thoughts on “Cherry On Top

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  2. Beautiful photo of glass and cherries. Right now life for us is a sky full of storm warnings. I don’t get to worked up I just pull all my plants off the stands and wait. It seems to always turn into showers though. For me showers and gray clouds are like a bowl full of cherries. Perfect knitting weather.

    • A storm did end our day yesterday. There was a plan to sit out on Lake Michigan far from shore and just dive and swim but lightning hastened our return to the marina. We found an unscheduled tall ship on Lake Muskegon taking shelter from the outsized storm.

      Storms…if it’s just raining lightly I will move things around in the garden. It’s perfect transplant time. I don’t know…does Hawaii have a rainy season?

      • I guess our rainy season is July to September during hurricane season. But the past couple of years we’ve been having dry spells. But as I remember in the past it rained lightly all year long. That made the island so green. Now not so much.

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