When from our better selves

When from our better selves we have too long
Been parted by the hurrying world, and droop,
Sick of its business, of its pleasures tired,
How gracious, how benign is Solitude!

~William Wordsworth*

DSC_0098 Hermit for WP

“It’s OK, Mommy, It’s OK. I’m right here with you.”
~ Dae’Anna Reynolds

I had a meeting this morning, as I was putting finishing touches on a computer presentation I overheard a devout Christian attendee say to another Christian attendee something casually ugly about Lavish Reynolds and her ‘calm’ reaction to having her boyfriend murdered by a traffic cop right before her eyes.  This Christian’s unsettling words stayed with me through the day.

After sunset I decided to man up and watch the video. I am a news junkie but I was avoiding a video I knew would strike deep. I have a tendency to internalize the news but I reasoned, I’ll see this ‘Christian’ again and I’ll have to work with him several times over the next two years. I wanted to understand the source of his ugliness and could make no judgement calls until I knew what he was talking about.

My God. The video of this woman’s unfortunate hell moved me to tears. It was difficult to watch but it enabled me to discover the source this man’s ugliness; it was within his own soul.

There was an unexpected ray of light. Out of the dark, unimaginable horror on that video, after her boyfriend’s death, after the EMT’s, after she is handcuffed like a criminal and after several minutes of fervent prayers and blessings for her boyfriend,  there came a very short moment when Ms. Reynold was hit by the full impact of what just happened. Her scream of anguish was soul shattering.

Into that dark hell came the clear, quiet, loving voice of her four year old daughter, a light of love that soothed her mother, “It’s OK, Mommy. It’s OK, I’m right here with you.”

As a nation we must find our better selves. And may God Bless the child that’s got his own.

* ~Hermit From “The Prelude” by Wordsworth

Edit: Too upset for words.

5 thoughts on “When from our better selves

  1. It’s a sad world right now. It is going crazy. It really makes us rendered speechless on how much disorganization and violence are going on right now. Whatever happened to – Can’t we just all get along?.

    • True….so young…what will happen..how will she adjust to this…she was there with her Mom and someone she loved and she saw him bleed out and die then saw her mom brutalized. Brave child. This should not be happening here. These were model citizens.

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