Looking Up: Riding the Bosun’s Chair


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We were 20 minutes from the start of this past Wednesday’s series race when our Main Sail halyard got stuck…it was frayed…caught in the shrouds…someone had to go up…it’s usually a job reserved for the Captain. The Captain’s son was more than willing to ride the Bosun’s chair up the mast while his Dad and the Mastman hoisted him through the shrouds to the top. This happened while we were under power on the way to the course.

All eyes were on 17 year old, Chance, who hurries from sailing class to make the race time every Wednesday. And, we won our division, again! Life is good.

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17 thoughts on “Looking Up: Riding the Bosun’s Chair

      1. yep but u take ur chance wit ya 🙂 …..an well if i going to get that high with a sail lol..i gonna be flying it, I fly ultralight trikes, a big sail turned on its side 🙂

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