PARTNERS: Boris and Wynton

Boris Wynton Squirrel Partners WordPress

We have two Turkish Angoras. We got Wynton, the black and white one, as a happy kitten. When his companion shelter cat, Marsallis, passed Wynton was 4 and he was so upset he wandered the house crying loudly for weeks. We had to get him another companion.

We tried to get his mother or his sister or any female cat related to him from the breeder. They were retiring his father, Boris, from stud duties and we were very lucky to get him, a very complex, surprisingly loving and affectionate classic white haired, blue-eyed Turk. Nobody else wanted him. He bit a judge. Boris is choosey.

Boris and Wynton Partners WordPress

These two, strangers for over four years, became immediate partners in crime when they met. They quarrel often yet are devoted to each other. They are insanely jealous of us, often fighting each other tooth and claw for our attentions and the prime spot nearest us, but, then again, they often prefer each other’s company to human company. If one cat is naughty, (Boy howdy, can they be naughty.)and you punish the naughty one the other runs to give support and comfort to the wrong doer insisting on being in time out with the perp. Whoever did the crime they demand to be punished together. It’s odd, in a huff you’ll send one to the basement and the other comes running, “Meeeeeeetooooo, you evil human!” They also practice synchronized meowing and…I can’t describe it…they move in perfect choreography together. I’ve never seen cats do this. They mirror each other even when they sleep.

We commissioned a ‘study’ of the two of them as a father/son crime fighting duo. They do a good job of keeping the local squirrels from peering in the windows at us and disturbing our reading and computer browsing.


They also work in tandem to retrieve tasty bits from the sealed trash can, the dish washer, the counter tops and Wynton is now strong enough to open the refrigerator. Scary, that.

If you can save a cat from the pound, please, do so. I rescued a Turkish Angora in the 90’s and found their personality was a perfect fit for me as a multiple morbidity handicapped person. No, they don’t step and fetch but they usually choose one person in a household and never leave their side. They love humans. If you are someone with limited mobility or have someone in your family in need of companionship they are worth the high price. They are hard to come by.

More On The Breed, Turkish Angora

Anthony Carpenter is a talented artist and works on commission. He’s brilliant at what he does. You can find him on FaceBook or look him up in Grand Rapids.


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