“It’s the quality of the light, man.”

Tonight I was in bed. In my pajamas, setting the alarm when my spouse said, “Come look at the sky.”

DSC_0005 Sunday Sunset copy

I threw a sailing jacket over my pajamas and drove over the dune to the beach. It was as though the air itself was saturated with pink.

And so it goes, somewhere in the dunes of West Michigan.

BTW the inflammation has returned. My immune system is attacking my eye..how odd is that? I’m am to cut back on reading and  photos. How is that possible. Actually the steroids in my eye feel pretty good. I hope they works as the next step is direct injections to the eye..so I should sign off now. This means, no monitor time, no visits to blogs. I’m sorry, when I can I’ll be visiting again. Thanks!

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22 thoughts on ““It’s the quality of the light, man.”

  1. wow , what a sky!
    but your eye – it sounds very terribel – good luck and recuperate very soon
    I’ve had a Keratoconjunctivitis over the whole summer 3 years ago. terribel pain, stay in the dark bedroom all day and when it comes better, wearing sunglasses in the house. a very bad experience.

    1. Ouch..similar..Keratitis (?) in one, uveitis in the other…it eats away at the inside of the eye. Steroid eye drops are working, inflammation is getting better but..bright still hurts. Ouch..you recovered though, right?

      1. yep, Keratitis and it lasts about 6 weeks. Than I got a relapse shortly after my recuperation. But, I’m fine for about 4 years now. Unfortunately, I still get a conjunctivitis very easily 😦 when being in a draught.

  2. Wonderful colors ! For a moment I was there, mesmerized.
    I believe in musical thoughts. I will play flute for you. To send you courage and strength. ❤

    1. Oh, man, I’m so sorry. It is frightening; this prospect of losing vision. I’m better now and I’m easing off the steroid eye drops (oh my they feel like heaven on my fiery pained eyes), and will see the specialist again early in July. It costs more to see him again so soon but my word, it is my eyes. It is so very precious and I spent so much of my life taking them for granted.

      Blessings to your daughter, I hope things go well for her.

    1. This place is gorgeous. The setback being monotonous grey, Grey, GREY late fall and winter days which still give spectacular bursts of otherworldly color if you know when and where to look.


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