Abundance Abiding

“Love, whose month is ever May.” ~ Shakespeare

The Apple Blossoms of Oceana:

DSC_0647 2016 Oceana OrchardsWP

 I am getting this one in under the wire as I had intended a much larger post on our blessed Spring blossoms. I have large files and will post in a timely manner..next May. Before I launch into a summer of sand and sails I want to pause on the breathlessness of May.

9 thoughts on “Abundance Abiding

  1. Stunning picture! Makes me want to lie down there and observe the trees from under, so so beautiful. It is incredibly hot in the Philippines now, all is dry, so your pic really comes as a blast of fresh air and beauty, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you! 😀 We looked at this photo a long time remembering the day. It was a fresh Spring day, upper 50’s through 60’s and it took all of my will power to not trespass into that tunnel. I want to crawl in, lay down in the grass and look up into the branches and maybe even be ‘snowed’ on by the petals.

    • Thank you, I think I may have to print this one. It is mesmerizing to me. It takes me back to that day, spring, exploring, picnicking and how it took all my will power not to trespass into this orchard.

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