Slug Beer

As much as I love water, the beach, the sea, kayaking, sailing, I also enjoy gardening. Plunging my hands into the earth and creating a restful green sanctuary out of so much sand is rewarding.

Hostas are an elegant plant, grown mostly for their infinite varieties of mounding green leaves. I find them a visual delight, the structure, the patterns, the growth habit…. It. All. Apparently they are also tasty so I am forever seasoning them with stinky, bitter concoctions from the kitchen in an effort to make them less desirable to deer and rabbits.

IMG_0338 Hosta Slug Damage Foreground copy

Hosta has other eager predators, mainly slugs. Slugs LOVE Hosta. Slugs will decimate your garden, mutilating your green retreat, messing with your happy, leaving nought but tattered leaves and mucous in their wake. In the above photo, bottom right,  you can see my poor Hosta is barely up, not yet fully unfurled and those little peckerheaded gastropods  have wrought wanton destruction upon their graceful form. The leaves do not recover. As I said, left to their own devices slugs will shred the plant.

Slugs also like beer. I set out used cat food tins full of the cheapest beer money can buy (seriously, they don’t know from micro-brews) and those slime devils crawl in, drink their fill and, sated, drown. No nasty chemicals. It is a win win.

The point of this post? Something is drinking my ‘slug beer’. Yeah. Drinking it down, slugs, mucous and all. Think about it.


I don’t know what is doing this but it’s breath must be vile.

IMG_0355 Hosta copy

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