Earth Graffiti

DSC_0005 2011 Little Sable More Earth Graffitti

More sand drawings seen from the top of the light….



18 thoughts on “Earth Graffiti

      • The light is now more a lighthouse museum. Although we have a very small bulb in there now it is no longer a ‘working aid to navigation’. The light does not shine very far. Daily tasks vary with the season. Volunteers come in to work at this light in one week assignments. In the spring it is cleaning and repairing as well as cleaning and repairing the State Park cabin where we stay. In the height of the tourist season we’ll get over 300 visitors a day visiting the light, climbing our stairs and walking out on the catwalk to get this great batch view. The late fall is the flip of the spring, we clean everything and lock it all down for the storms of November and the long Winter.

        We are mainly docents, answering visitors questions. We open her in the morning and closer her up at night. 🙂 If you are a traveler you can apply to serve as a lighthouse keeper. 🙂

      • Yes. Winters can be brutal and it’s costly to heat and maintain the buildings to keep them open to the public. All of our lights are open now. This time of year it’s school groups and retirees. In June, July and August it is non-stop, thousands of people tour our four lights.

        You can apply on their website. I don’t believe they’ve had international keepers apply…although I have met keepers from other countries when I was on duty. I like to visit other lighthouses when I am away from home. What is it called…pharology? Study of, and now it includes love of, lighthouses. Someone from Belgium read my blog early on and came by to have a look at the light in the photo.

      • I do go up at night sometimes after sunset, long after all the guests have gone. It’s lovely, eerie, magical…being up on a tower at night, the dunes and sea beneath your feet. It could be spooky if you let your imagination run.

    • When it’s busy I take a lot of photos…tourists hand me their camera and I take their photo for them. I ensure you can see their face, the Lake (inland sea, really), the beach and part of the light so you can tell they are in a lighthouse.

      When it’s not busy I use my own camera and take more shots. Soooo many photos. I love the off-season..when it’s slow I put down a beach towel, grab a book and watch the world go by under my feet. This is changing though, they are adding a trailer gift shop. No more downtown, no more fascinating discussions with world visitors.

      • Oh my word..I had to go to the original post…it autocorrected from ‘downtime’ to ‘downtown’. Downtown makes no sense. I apologize for my poor editing. I LOVE to shoot photos in my ‘down time’ but this year I will have to sell things. I am not fond of handling money. I’m good at it, can easily do math in my head but I am working one fine case of ADHD and I find I have to concentrate toooo hard to make sure I do not mislay cash or credit cards and I just don’t want to go there. 😀

      • Oh, and in the whole ‘interacting with visitors’, when I am at the top of the tower on a slow day I really get to know the visitors. I’ve met fascinating people from around the world. I’ve met other volunteer keepers from UK countries. If someone has an interest in maritime history I can take more time with them. If someone is stricken and falls madly in love with lighthouses and the inland seas (and THAT does happen 😀 ) they get to spend more time at the top.

        In gift shopping it the job becomes stepping’ and fetching’ and stocking and ringing things up and helping with decisions and making sure no one is breaking or stealing anything…and always having to serve the next customer. A lot of volunteers enjoy the giftshop but it is not my cup of tea. I guess it does come down to personal preference.

      • Oh for goodness sakes, I was autocorrected from downtime to downtown. Eeesh. It made no sense! Sorry, Kareninhonalulu. 🙂

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