“Yessss, Come to me, my minions”

DSC_4634 2015 South Haven Sunset Pier 'Minions' STOCK

I always jump at an opportunity to go down to South Haven. When we first moved here in 91′ it had a ‘just us blue collar folk and some of our rich neighbors’ feel to it. Over the years it has become quite popular, prices have shot up, condos now line the beaches and it is very crowded. The sunsets are superb but know that 200 other people are going to be crowded down on that small pier with you.

This was from September 25th and I was shocked by the crowds as tourists usually go home after Labor Day. It was a stunning sunset and a lovely evening but a frustrating night for shooting…then this happened and my artistic snit was all better. I love that seagull. “Yes, come, come to me, my minions.”


21 thoughts on ““Yessss, Come to me, my minions”

    • You would love shooting the West Coast of Michigan as much as you love your coast. One thing we don’t have is tidal pools, I envy you that…and salt..we don’t have salt. It took me two years to get used to a sea with no salt.

  1. Boy if you don’t like tourist better not come to Hawaii. The tourist have all the views in Waikiki it is major to try and find a parking space if you lived here. And that is one of my favorite places to photograph but I just don’t want to try and drive around and around and around. The more things change the more they get worse.

    • Our local politicians are now in discussion as to whether or not to begin charging visitors for parking. South Haven, the city of the lighthouse in this photo, charges five bucks a visitor’s car, locals free. The fee does not seem to affect the crowds. Our beaches are funded through our city taxes and it’s not fun when you can’t go to your own beach as there are too many outsiders enjoying the freebies on your dime. Unfortunately as we are one of the remaining large free beaches in the area we get people coming to the beach and leaving all kinds of garbage such as dog poop and dirty diapers behind. I’m not kidding, I was surfing one day. Walked into the water by a young couple and toddler, surfed a few sets, got out and there, in front of them was a nice big poopy diaper. Truth is I did not see them do it so maybe it washed up but I did go on and on about how it was a health hazard to their toddler. The hope is to bring in money to maintain the beaches and parks while discouraging …well… poopy people.

      • You know I never thought about it like that. Yes we pay very high taxes and we have to pay for parking down there to use any of the place is very expensive because if you want to park for free there you’ve got to be there at three to four in the AM. Do you mean you guys have to pay to use your beaches? OMG. I hope our politicians don’t get wind of that. They are already taxing the middle class off of the island.

      • No, no, we, the locals, would get the beach for free because we already pay with our taxes. We would charge the out of towner tourists who come in, take up 3 parking spaces with their campers during the height of the all too short summer beach season.

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