Future Home Owner

The Future for WordPress WP

He came running over after school calling out, “I’m gonna see Bob!” Then he stopped and asked, “What you doing?” “Cleaning the yard.” “Can I help?” “Sure, I’ll even pay you.” “Yay, I’m gonna make my own money!!” He ran to tell his mom.

And so our five year old neighbor, just a babe in arms when we met a seeming short few months ago, really focused in for his age and packed a couple of lawn bags. When we ran out of bags he ‘helped’ me run the power washer on the house, a job he really liked. That machine is big, loud and it scours off dirt in a hypnotic, satisfying manner. I guided the wand but it is rewarding work that even a five year old ‘gets’. He had to go in for supper but his short stay boosted our moods and made the day.

The Future is Now, come see



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