My Golden Friend

I went through a phase of black and white, rhythm, structure, repetition, form etc but the gray days are Winter are coming to an end as the dunes are blushing with Spring. I require color. This is from one golden, fog shrouded evening last Summer. There’s magic in that light and love in that subject.

DSC_0071 Man Dog Gold Fog Silouette WP

Quick note/question, does anyone know why my photos on Word Press are so “lossy” now? I shoot RAW, push levels to suit myself (This shot is merely cropped.) yet in the past month or so my photos seem slightly out of focus. They are not. When I resize I take pains to preserve their integrity. This was crystal clear to the point I was thinking of ordering a medium sized print to sell in a gallery as this image  beautifully features our ‘dog beach’. Anyone? Am I pushing my limit on storage? Did I miss a change? Thanks!

18 thoughts on “My Golden Friend

  1. Almost surreal Kim, quite beautiful, at first from the top I thoughg in a dune of light, I mean, one of sand in a desert… and the light framing that person and the dog. Beautiful world.
    I use Flickr (and before Smugmug, both are good) to storage the photographs to post links, so I couldn’t know what is happening, perhaps a problem in WordPress servers or your internet data speed, perhaps the image is sharp but as it is “charging” it looks at beginning fuzzy. I see it well focused and sharp where the focus is.

    • Thank you, it was a surreal evening with fingers of fog that moved in and out and then hovered off shore. And thanks for the feedback. A very long time ago I used flickr. It seems every time we get a great, serviceable website one of the internet giants moves in and swallows it up. I hated the idea that it was no longer just flickr but I was being tracked across several of the new owner’s sites. I also used to be on blogspot until google bought it.

  2. To me it looks like a ..skyward stairway, with golden steps.. the happy dog and his/her owner wondering if they should begin climbing it. 🙂 Magic light! Such a wonderful photo, ..almost couldn’t take my eyes off it.

  3. I love it! Golden friend.. golden light… Golden Retriever. Amazing shot. I’d like to go there now please.

    When I look in preview mode my images look awful, but when I look in published mode they look fine. I think this photo on your post is not fuzzy (viewing on a desktop browser), but I haven’t seen the original.

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