Warrior At Dawn

The Silversides, a retired WWII submarine docked in the Muskegon Channel in the half-light of dawn:

DSC_5545 Silversides Submarine at DawnWP

I have strayed from my original intent of West Michigan-themed photos and posts. I’m back on course now with ‘our’ submarine, the Silversides. We are proud of her. She is open to the public and part of our Michigan Maritime Museum (You can stay overnight on her!). Our precinct votes in that museum. As I turn in my ballet I look out the window at her and think on those who died in the Pacific Theater of WWII to maintain our right to vote. Here’s hoping our politicians do not make light of their sacrifice.

Much, much more on the Silversides here.

More Half-Light


13 thoughts on “Warrior At Dawn

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  2. Great photos. WishI had/could afford/could use more sophisticated equipment and do photography seriously! But always enjoy looking at other people’s work. And thanks for liking on my blog!

    • From your hand to God’s ear.

      When I moved up to the large format D7000 I looked at the Pro line. I did not have the strength in my hand to hold one for long. After a warmer winter of sunshine down south I’m feeling stronger. Maybe my next large format body I will be able to hold a pro. So many needful things for the artist.

      And you are more than welcome!

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