Leonardo’s Dream


Frederick Miejer was one class act. In an area and age when multi-billionaires are known for furthering their private interests and personal politics he treated his workers well and generously gave back to the community. I performed for him once back in the day. A lot of people treat entertainers as suspect hired help but he treated us as professionals; he paid well, treated us well and the accommodations were outstanding.

Even in latter years he was there to help me with funds for a local HS student performance project. We were just one small group among the thousands he helped in his lifetime.

This horse? Mr. Meijer loved sculpture. He had a dream to realize Leonardo Davinci’s dream. Centuries after the fact he made it come true and this magnificent masterpiece is at the heart of the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Such a small wikipedia for such a giant visionary.


9 thoughts on “Leonardo’s Dream

  1. I’m originally from Michigan, and took my kids back there to visit family. We went to Grand Rapids to see the gardens, but especially Leonardo’s horse. That is an incredible sculpture, but the story makes it more so. Wonderful post, and am really enjoying your blog!

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