Boris copy


This is Boris. He flunked out as a show cat; he bit a judge.

12 thoughts on ““Boris”

    • Thank you, Boris is such a complicated cat (I coulda had a Calico and came out even.). He is a purebred Turkish Angora, blue eyes and all. They are an ancient breed known for seeking human companionship. They usually pick one human and then lavish that person with attention and bond with them. They make fantastic companion animals. I am handicapped, I had rescued a Turk before and that cat never left my side. They are, however, hard to find and expensive. We took Boris as he was a hard to place retired stud and a ‘bargain’. At first, though quite loving to me, he behaved as if he was abused and was totally freaked if anyone else came near him. After a two year diet of adoration and good eats he is now a very loving boy and will tolerate strangers. It has been well worth the rough start. I’ve never returned a rescue animal..I almost returned him because in his PTSD driven fight for dominance, people or pets, he tried to dominate all, he was tearing up my other cat. Boris learned that whatever he tried *I* am alpha. He eventually gave it up and settled into being adored by all who see him. We are the “house with the beautiful white cat in the window.” 😉

    • Thank you. The last two white cats we had would tolerate my endless shooting and posing them just so while rearranging the background and adjusting the light. Boris does as he wishes. I have to sneak up on him BUT he has an uncanny ability to find the light. It is a race, I notice he’s in the light, he notices I notice, I run for the Nikon and he holds the pose until juussst as I swing it to my face. He’s a good cat.

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