Early Christmas Shopping

IMG_6044TARGET copy

There are 3 men in this shot.


7 thoughts on “Early Christmas Shopping

    • Ahhh, three wise men urging us all to spend, Spend, SPEND on what has become a vital capitalist holiday and they shall lead the way by buying for the Christ Child. 😉 If Christ were born today would they bring him a Star Wars Rebel Base, an X-box and a smart phone…all things you can buy in Target*.

      *Target is an American chain store. It’s more of a trendy store for middle-class, lower middle class budgets. As a child I dreamed of being rich enough to buy there. 😉

      • That’s what I was thinking. Your combo is interesting because it sums up our priorities in this day and age. You’re incredibly funny… Coming from a humble background has so much value. Nowadays it’s called slow living ecology life style. Very cool.

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