I have a tremendous work flow problem; I am a photo hoarder. These photos from the first race of the season (May 6)? What can I do? It was the first race of the year after a long, weary winter. The winds may have been low but the joy was running high. I ask you how can I dump them? These are not my best shots but everyone was smiling and the memory glows on this dark night. How can I file and purge that which sets my inner Snoopy to dancing on the roof of my doghouse?

  DSC_0772 DSC_0784

DSC_0817  DSC_0808

I’m not going to add many titles or descriptions. That’s not the point. The boats were out of storage and the sun was shining. Bliss is but bliss, and breath is but breath.


Except for that spinnaker shot above. Heh, heh. I left it in for you sailors out there who are holding your breath with me when you look at it. It’s that moment, will she unfurl or foul?




I love the above shot. You sailors out there will know what it is to lie motionless on the low side in the hopes of moving things along on a still night.

Yeah, look below and you can see how calm it was but still, we drew an audience.

DSC_0930  DSC_0848

Going through these has been a treat. I can feel all kinds of crazy chemicals bathing my brain with happiness when I look at them.
May they make the dark days fly.

18 thoughts on “Treat

  1. Thanks, Kim. During the long dark days to come I will look at these and smile, the smile that is hope. There will be again breezes to sail, still waters to paddle, and moments to capture. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. I “hoard” photos too. They are triggers to the memory, and sometimes a photograph that isn’t as sharp or lovely will help support a story line, and sometimes that take priority. I really enjoyed the photos and the story behind them.

    • Ah, yes, do. Fellow sailors are urging me to ‘do a show’. Right now I am fascinated by ‘mastmen’ and the the whole foredeck thing. As I become experienced in racing I realize I am pit. Smart guys in the back drive the whole show but don’t always make for exciting shots. 😀

      I’d prefer to race but a day on the Committee boat or a follow/coach boat is NEVER wasted and always appreciated.

      • Your fellow sailors are spot on! You should do a show. Your images are just magnificent and really capture the essence of sailing. The Committee Boat is the best place to get the shots..can’t photograph while you are racing. I have just joined a friendly racing team here in Sydney…so excited. But am quite sore after my first day out…no electric winches on the boat. Extended cruising has spoiled me.

        PS. Pit is a powerful position. Can’t win a race without a good pit!

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