Creepy: The Cabaret Star Who Wasn’t


Back in April of this year talented cabaret artist and pole dancer (Yes, pole dancer. She had guns that wouldn’t quit.), Marcine Richardson, performed at The Block in downtown Muskegon. It was a great Cabaret show. She had excellent control of her voice, was a superb vocal stylist and is a very engaging and energetic performer.

She is a very fair skinned blond and she appeared in the second act in a stunning gold sequin dress. When the spots came up it was blinding. She disappeared. My iPhone could not handle all the fabulous.

Marcy Richardson on FB

The Block is a fine performance space. We love to sit in the balcony, eat popcorn, and drink beer sent up from the local brewery downstairs while enjoying the show. Here is there link: The Block

Photo Challenge Creepy

12 thoughts on “Creepy: The Cabaret Star Who Wasn’t

    • Interesting..she had an old school movie charm about her but with cutting edge talents..I mean..she is a pole dancer and that is how she keeps trim. She’s won pole dancing trophies..and she sings opera. ?)

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