STREET: Carnival

DSC_0854bw copy

My shooting friend wondered what kind of ‘Street’ shots I take. I took about 15 today at a street carnival.

DSC_0849bw copy

I do look for shapes and movement,

DSC_0846bw copy

but then I insert the human element.
DSC_0844bw copy

DSC_0841bw copy

DSC_0838bw copy

DSC_0837bw copy

DSC_0836bw copy

DSC_0847bw copy There you go, Gary. Street.

And it’s time I added some sort of carousel plugin, please, share with me what you, kind internet strangers and friends, use. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “STREET: Carnival

  1. I was ‘chatting’ with my friend and there was a lot of the excitement and childhood wonder that goes with a local town street fair but the unifying theme was love. It was palpable, these parents and grandparents adored these children and the children adored them right back. Even childhood pals and siblings were on their best behavior.

  2. I really like black and white photos. I wrote a post in May about a local amusement park called Cedar Point. (Sandusky, Ohio.) Summer makes me think of swings, Carrousel rides and Fun!

    • Amusement Parks are fabulous in color but black and white brings out the humanity. Just my opinion. I’ll have to check your post. It may be awhile before I get there as I’m having problems with eyes and strain just now.

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