Morning at Ludington


They called off the cross lake ferry run on this morning. Once waves start pushing 5-7 feet a lot of passengers get sick. Undeterred I had an excellent breakfast then went down to shoot the waves.


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24 thoughts on “Morning at Ludington

      1. We used to paddle from the channel at the lighthouse in this picture, north to Big Sable Lighthouse, go in to the gift shop, buy something to go with our lunch, lunch on the beach there and return back to Ludington. We also like to ride bikes from the State Park to town. I love that stretch that runs along Lake Michigan for a few miles.

      2. Yes, I know that channel well! Amazing, I never thought I’d ever meet anyone who knew that area. So so beautiful. Maranatha and the whole area hold wonderful memories for my family. We live in North Carolina now so it’s a very far drive….perhaps next summer…for old times sake!

      3. Marantha sits in a beautiful place but North Carolina with it’s mountains and Outer Banks is pretty gorgeous itself.

    1. Nope…it is a good half mile hike from parking out to the door of that light and over half the trip is on that exposed pier. Before automation there was a higher cat walk above the pier so keepers could get to the light that way. This light is like a Tardis…you get inside of it and there is a lot of room..3 levels..and a bathroom!. Not much ventilation and I’m not sure I’d enjoy spending the night out there in a gale.

  1. My husband and I took the ferry from Milwaukee ( I think) to Ludington some years back. SS Badger…and I was looking forward to it. Should have known when the boat was late getting in to pick us up. Very windy. Rough. I was sick instantly as soon as we were past the breakwater. A 4 hour trip ended up being close to 6. I threw up the entire time. So did 99% of the people on the boat. They probably had to hose the whole thing down after we got off. I love boats, never had that happen to me before. Now I get sick in the 3D movies if they show us flying over the mountains… lol.

    1. Wow..That sounds miserable. Really miserable. I think now they just call off the run. My run was cancelled on a Saturday so I went on Sunday instead. Waves built up…5 to 7 feet mid lake and she was really rolling. I was the only person on deck because I LOVE that stuff. 🙂 (I only get nauseous when I’m sleeping. Go figure.)

    1. Thank you. You should. Ludington is still very much a working harbor and a working class town. A lot of our harbor towns have gone upscale and serve a different clientele but Ludington remains a beautiful place for everyone. The popular draws are the State Park to the North, the ferry and the three Lighthouses nearby and in town; Little Sable, Big Sable, and this Pier Light. So many Dunes and good hiking and camping from car/RV to backpacking then their is the water..and fishing..and boating..and beaching..and…

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