Blowing up Quicksand

This is the second sunset of a 3 day gale from 2012. Quicksand is formed during gales. Look at the bottom of this photo and you can see the wind and waves conspiring to mix up a new batch.IMG_1696eWPIt’s not the waves alone but the one two punch of the wind kicking up the sand and driving the water higher up on the beach that does it. I guess East Coaster’s would call this the ‘storm surge’. In any event that is a boot sucking hold you floundering in place until the next high wave set can grab you and drag you out to sea patch of quicksand.

Nature is awesome indeed.

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19 thoughts on “Blowing up Quicksand

    1. Michigan is far enough North that dawn and dusk linger creating amazing photo opportunities. You can get the loveliest portraits at those times of day. I love visiting warmer climates but I am always taken aback at how short the sunset seems to be.

    2. I forgot to add that sunsets during gales are AMAZING but you gotta protect your gear from all that sand and water…and don’t step in quick sand.

  1. I love this photo. it is stunning with the afterglow of the sun coloring the clouds. Nicely done.

    1. It’s not like the old Hollywood or cartoon style that eats you alive. It’s kinda like getting stuck in clean mud up that’s up to your knees. I was riding along the water line once (firm, packed sand), hit a patch of quicksand and instantly sunk to my hubs almost going over the handlebar. It was a struggle to get the bike out. What with wet sand jammed in every opening it was a miserable mile and half walk back to the roadway. It had to go to the bike shop to be cleaned well enough to ride again.

      1. I’ve been rolled good a couple of times on the bottom after wiping out on my boogie board. It was warm ish..I can swim and I had my board. I don’t think I’d like to get rolled in the cold sea fully clothed during a gale. I’m not sure it happens that often though. Stinging sand in your eyes help keep the beaches clear.

    1. I just got back from a sweet kayak trip on a river…the water was clear, trees and grass green, gentle temperatures and soft winds and the birds were singing..nature was serene today and it was awesome too. 😀

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