The Persistance of Sand: Forces of Nature

“Om, nom, nom, nom”

DSC_0004It’s only a matter of time before this large dune at Silver Lake consumes that house. A large chunk of the town of Silver Lake, Michigan already lies sleeping under it’s shifting sands.
Wikipedia on the state park:
You can see the dunes and Silver Lake from this webcam:

For the true geek that wants to know more:,4570,7-153-10370_22664-61314–,00.html

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9 thoughts on “The Persistance of Sand: Forces of Nature

    1. In the off-season we will kayak over to the dunes and walk them. I thought the sand would be soft but the wind packs it pretty hard. They are other worldly.

    1. There’s a road behind that house and the road ends abruptly at the base of that dune. It’s frightening close up. I know the dune is ‘inching’ forward but how do they sleep at night.

    1. And fun/tiring to climb. A friend took me out in his off road vehicle on the dunes. The park has three sections..the north part, to the right of the house, is open to off road vehicles but you have to have a pass and sign up for a time slot. Long, loooong lines of dirt bikes, pickup trucks, quads and orv’s waiting, waiting, waiting for their turn at catching some air launching off those dunes. The middle part is for hikers like me and the southern part belongs to a concession, Mac Dune Rides, that gives dune rides to tourists. It smells of oil and gas on hot summer days but in the off-season it is heaven…even though everything is closed.

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