Official Start of the Racing Season

None of my captains had their boats in the water for tonight’s race so I hopped on the Committee boat (I had taken a Racing Official Seminar earlier this spring so tonight I rode along to see how it was done and to wave a few flags.)

Upon leaving the docks we seem to have blown a head gasket. The motor was running very hot. Everyone stood around and said, “Is the sea cock open?” Sailors like to say seacock.

We limped to place, set the line and started the race. The official first race start of the 2015 Racing Season. (It was a small field and a lot of people were on a ‘shakedown’ race.)

We were then towed to the finish line so we could officiate the finish:

It was a very small race as it’s been cold, ice hasn’t been out that long and not all boats are in the water yet. Winds were very light, out of the West and hovering around 4 to 6 knots and a bit ‘shifty’. It was a beautiful evening. This is one of the Melges Fleet, Gecko, passing the Committee boat in light winds and preparing to take the gate:

Magic won the race tonight. I know some of the sailors on her, good women and men all. They were the only boat that had a smooth transition to Spinnakers after the gate.

This post has been an experiment with my Instagram account. Vimeo is great for longer films. I’d read people weren’t too happy with Vine’s latest upgrades so I’m giving Instagram Video a try.  Finally, Muskegon wouldn’t be Muskegon without beer. This friendly boat came zooming up to hang out and say, “We saw your smoke. Was your seacock open?” Sailors like to say ‘seacock’:

6 thoughts on “Official Start of the Racing Season

    • Not sure what is happening. I can see it on my phone, tablet and computer. It might be operating systems though. Some of these large media/computer companies are so proprietary that they prevent anyone who might think about using someone other than a company with whom they’ve exclusively contracted from looking at content. Try looking it without the app. Apps tend to be loaded with so much data mining info they barely work. I avoid apps. Try looking at it through whatever browser is loaded on your phone. 🙂

      Also..I have nothing to do with the WP app…sounds like something you should take up with them.

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