Dawn At The Light

“Dawn At The Light”


I shot this last week during lighthouse duty. I am looking North out of the North Living Room in the keeper’s quarters past the actual tower of the Big Sable Point Lighthouse to Lake Michigan. I got up to grab some coffee just as the sun was cresting the dunes. I forgot about coffee for a moment as I padded around shooting out different windows.

Above you see the retaining wall and replica fog horn house as I shot straight West out of the little window that is tucked up under the eaves on the stair landing. That white post on the bottom edge of the photo is the finial that sits on top of the gable over the West entry.

The first duty shift of the year for volunteer keepers is a work detail. We wake the light from her winter slumbers, blow out the cobwebs, move a lot of sand, do a lot of scrubbing, repairing and painting and get the gift shop inventory in order for the May opening. It is hard work. The experience of living in a lighthouse right on the shores of Lake Michigan along with a magnificent view is your ‘pay’.

Below I was contemplating putting the camera down and putting some coffee in the coffee maker at the extreme bottom right. Looking North from the Kitchen:
IMG_1688eWPBefore I made the coffee I got up against the windows to get a clearer shot North. After a day of work some of us grab garbage bags and walk the beach picking up garbage that has washed up, blown across from Wisconsin or been left behind by tourists. There was a great deal of it this week. It is not part of the duty but something many of us do in our spare time. Last spring during my duty a body had washed up in the Nordhaus Dunes area which is just North around the bend in this photo. An unlucky man had fallen off the pier on the other side of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, back in the fall. You never know what The Lake is going to give up.

IMG_1683eWPDo you want to work hard to preserve our Maritime Heritage, spend your evenings hiking and shooting the sunset over the lighthouse and dunes, fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake to morning views like those above? Please, apply to be a Volunteer Lighthouse Keeper at http://splka.org/ .


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