Here’s the secret; it’s ALL ephemeral.

Summer, childhood, sand pies, sunsets, they are all fleeting. Change is the constant. The harder you grasp the faster the sand escapes your fingers so enjoy it all now.

This girl has probably out-grown sand-pies. The beach she is standing on is gone, eroded away with high water and November gales. Members of the background group gathered to watch the sunset may no longer be with us. It is all washed away. Bask in the currents of time and appreciate it fully as it washes over you. It is ALL ephemeral.


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15 thoughts on “Ephemeral

    1. Thank you. Water levels on the Great Lakes are cyclical. With the past few ‘dryer’ years we had enjoyed expanded beaches but with the return of higher water a great deal of our beach has ‘washed away/into’ The Lake this past year. That particular spot in the photo is now just the retaining wall with large boulders now. It’s a good 6 foot drop down to the beach now.

  1. Yes, so true, that’s what I’ve been thinking about this challenge, though I haven’t done a post yet. Sand is a perfect metaphor, lovely pics.

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