WPC: Fresh



Emily Dickinson had peonies in her garden but never wrote about them. I feel somehow slighted.
Surely she wrote one but hid it very well.


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20 thoughts on “WPC: Fresh

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Have you ever had “Fiddle Heads”? My Maine family would go into the woods and harvest them every spring. I don’t know what kind of fern they were but they were tasty. I will always think of ferns as the essence of fresh spring.

  1. I so love the light is all your pictures, you really know how to pay tribute to all the beautiful things around you 🙂

    1. I have many beautiful peony photos which is a good thing for I cannot grow them well here in Michigan. I sneak to the farmer’s market to get my fix because my bushes never produce as well as they did in Iowa.

    1. So much of nature’s fractal creations are intricate. I bought some fern roots like this last week just because I enjoy contemplating their design. They look … well, I hope they grow into something like my photo.

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