Call It Spring

Today is the Vernal Equinox and spring rolls in here in West Michigan…oh..about a half an hour from now. It’s a big wide wonderful world and I wanted to show you what Spring looks like here. Basically the birds return to sing up a storm, the days grow longer and the quality of our snow and ice changes.

I went to some local web cams earlier today so you could have a look at our diminishing ice. I’ll start with the sheets of ice that were in the Muskegon harbor this morning:


Next up is the Grand Haven Surf Cam. I check it every morning. It is really quite nice how the sun comes down the Grand River then up over the dunes to bathe the range lights in morning glow. Alas, the webcam was askew this morning but you get the idea. I shot Destiny’s Children from the top of one of this ice ridges:


Further south we find the Holland channel. There is a lovely old barn of a light called Big Red on this channel but the Web Cam only shows surf and traffic at the mouth of the harbor. As you can see they were still iced in this morning:

The last shot is from a cam new to me. It’s great because once the rest of those ice ridges melt I’ll be able to actually see the surf. I think I’ll stop a moment before posting so I can draw on here where the ice caves formed.


Done. X marks the spot. Muskegon’s new surf cam really foreshortens that south arm of the outer harbor. Because Muskegon was a heavily industrial town with a lot of shipping they constructed a large harbor to protect shipping. I’ll pause to see if I can get a view from the top.


Yep, it’s a totally man-made structure. And that, more or less, is how West Michigan looks on this first day of Spring. I’ve included links to the web cams so you can check our progress. May you romp in the fresh green grasses of spring!

Muskegon Harbor Cam (at the NOAA station):
Grand Haven: You can support them with donations!
Spy Glass Hill Cam of Holland: my newest bookmark for my surf roster, Muskegon’s New Surfcam:

Alas, for those of you “In the know” South Haven’s cams are down.

9 thoughts on “Call It Spring

  1. Seriously?! Grand Haven SURF Cam?!! Wow. Obviously a little too congested to surf right now, but I am pretty sure the water doesn’t get that warm in the summer…or does it? Hardy stock up there in the Mittens! I am adding this cam to my list of places to check. Thanks again for sharing your world!

    • The surfers and Kite Boarders extend the season by wearing wet suits. In the summer it is sweet when the water reaches up in the 70’s. Unfortunately a change of wind direction can send the warm band of water close at shore further out into the Lake. Sometimes an incoming storm with high waves and a big change in air pressure can cause The Lake to ‘turnover’ sending that nice warmed up water by the shore to the bottom and then we have to start the warming process all over again. You can have a 74 degree water day followed by the water dropping to 46 because of weather yet it remains stunning.

      • Thank you for taking the time to explain the weather/currents. I actually love learning about different surf spots and admire the conditions that some people will endure to enjoy the sport. Cheers, T

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