WPC: Fabulous New Jersey

Somewhere along the burned-out, broken-down, graffitied commuter corridor between Philadelphia and New York City this apparition rises out of the inner city. It reaches for blocks. What does it signify? Who is the artist? It takes serious equipment to reach these heights. Whatever the artist’s intent it is brilliant and a welcome respite from the dreary miles.


‘City in Flames’?


It is perfect. It, along with the moment I noticed the train had wifi, made my morning. Thank you anonymous graffiti artist!


23 thoughts on “WPC: Fabulous New Jersey

    • Graffiti is a guerrilla art form but this…this took..a bucket on a lift? Scaffolding? The scale is epic. It went on for awhile before it occurred to me to capture a photo. Thanks. 🙂

    • I know, right? In my mind I’m seeing someone with an old electric/sign truck with a bucket that elevates the electrician/artiste. It had to be spray painted. Look closely and you’ll see they sprayed right over plywood sheets that were leaning against the building. Ha…I’ll start a new urban myth..the paint train.

    • Oh man…squeezing brain cells here…I’d never been on that train before. As you’re heading towards NYC and you’re facing front it’s on the left side of the train…and I think it may have been before the station…that one station,the only stop in New Jersey where commuters heading into the city transfer. I feel it’s closer to Philly than NYC. Philly had all that marvelous…I don’t know what to call it except ‘zoo’ inspired graffiti.

      I’m going to try to look up that station.

      • I’ve seen the graffiti at the zoo. Pretty amazing. If you find out about the ‘burning building’ it would be interesting to see up close and personal.

      • I am not sure if it was SEPTA or Amtrak. It had to be Amtrak because I did not detrain in Trenton. There were four or five stops and then I was in Penn Station. That’s a pricey ticket but if you are going into the city anyway sit on the left side as you face forward.

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    • I hate to admit it. Ahem, my name is DuneLight and I have…storage issues. I so badly wanted to use this for last week’s Orange photo challenge but could not find it. Yeah, I need some new software.

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