Destiny’s Children

Destiny’s Children

I had to be in Grand Haven today for errands and to attend an opening at the Fire Barn. This was Grand Haven’s premiere First Friday Gallery Event. First Fridays have become quite popular and successful in other cities. Tonight Grand Haven is joining the ranks of Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta and, amongst others, their arch art rival, Grand Rapids. We had free time between errands and art openings and filled that time with the rich light down at the shore.

There was a biting wind out of the SSW and exposed skin froze quickly. I was dressed for art openings so I was a bit uncomfortable. Honestly? I was miserable but had my eye on the prize and in the viewfinder as well as checking that histogram. I kept moving to keep from freezing. I shot from the top of a 25 to 30 foot tall ice pressure ridge. While it was exposed to the wind the view was great and worth the trouble. That is shattered clear ice in the foreground. Out beyond the lighthouse there is a shattered blue sea of ice. I hope to return and capture it….but in my snowboard gear.

For the guys at Inland Seas who requested it; Grand Haven, Sunset, March 6th, 2015.

18 thoughts on “Destiny’s Children

    • Thank you. Some days the glow lasts forever as it does in the summer but on this day the show had an abrupt end as the sun went behind the ever present lake effect snow cloud that sits off shore.

    • Thank you! I have had one photo shown in a gallery and having a proper showing is on my list for this year. I was offered a space at a theater so now I have to decide what to show and what is appropriate for that space. 🙂

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