The Rainbow Never Tells Me

The Rainbow Never Tells Me


The rainbow is our reward for weathering the storm, a pathway for the messenger Isis, a bridge between Asgaard and Midgaard so gods could walk among men. In the Epic of Gilgamish it is the jeweled necklace of the Great Mother, Ishtar. It is Biblical:
“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.” It is inspiration for poets, writers and painters alike:

The Rainbow Never Tells Me
by Emily Dickinson
The rainbow never tells me
That gust and storm are by,
Yet is she more convincing
Than Philosophy.

My flowers turn from Forums --
Yet eloquent declare
What Cato couldn't prove me
Except the birds were here!

The Blind Girl is an interesting allegorical study of the senses that features a rainbow and how people with different circumstances might experience it:

I was sitting in the house, weathering a fierce but brief Spring storm when the sun came out. I grabbed my camera and boots and headed out to search, not for the gold but the fleeting glory that I knew was there, somewhere if I looked for it. I found it at the end of my dock. It was my reward.
Note to Francis at Maybe you have insight into the Peruvian Amuesha “The Rainbow Hurt My Skin”. šŸ™‚

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14 thoughts on “The Rainbow Never Tells Me

  1. Rainbows do feel like a reward for something – perhaps just for being observant. A few months ago our entire office crowded out onto the balcony when we spotted a double rainbow – such a treat.

    1. They are our reward for weathering the storms of life. Look at me waxing poetic about the slings and arrows of daily life. I can easily imagine an office coming to a halt to enjoy the beauty.

  2. Thanks for the mention Kim, I have to admit a feeling of surprise and gratitude :-). Actually the people of jungle are like hundreds of nations with their own traditions so it was the first time I heard that expression so I couldn’t speak for them but I’ll investigate more. About our traditions in the highlands the rainbow is a minor phenomena, the apus (certain sacred hills), cochas (certain sacred lagoons or lakes) are the most venerate and in the traditions the rainbow usually is explained as son of higher forces, but it’s not good or bad except for the people in the countryside that suffers more with the nature.
    But we have an expression in the highlands similar, when somebody fall to the ground for accident that person or somebody that saw it will say “the earth is calling me/him/her” meaning like a premonition, half serious half in joke, half playful, that the tomb is closer. To some nations in the jungle the rainbow could be a bad signal because it could be related to their great amount of rains with the consequent diseases, but that’s just an idea that I’ve just thought.
    Kind regards Kim, your photograph is doubly beautiful!

    1. Thank you. I had read that in some Nations it was an omen of bad luck about to befall. Interesting how so many cultures see it as a bridge to, passage way to, message or omen from the gods. I’ve always seen it as my reward for making it through the storm. Thanks for sharing.

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