One Word Photo Challenge Saffron

I think of saffron as an exotic word carried on the soft spiced breezes of far lands. I also think of the heart of my spring crocuses still buried under a good two feet of snow. There is so much saffron in my photos, too much to choose. Can I link a video instead?

Edit: I should explain this video. It is not Great Lakes but Old West. There was a death in the family this past fall and instead of flying over this epic scenery we decided to make a road trip. We chose routes new to us and explored the Nebraska Sand Hills. We visited places that where important to both of our families and friends. Decades of taking the I76 turnoff towards Denver had me curious about the Scottsbluff – Chimney Rock area as well as our westward expansion pioneer and First Nations heritage. It was a way to make the trip and the expense about something positive instead of loss. I look on this trip as one last gift from my ‘brother’ and will remember him when I look at these photos.


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